Glynn Purnell
4,82 MB
22 May 2014

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Dishes with names such as Beef Carpaccio with Red Wine Octopus and Sweet and Sour Onions may seem like they belong firmly in the world of classy restaurants, but in this book Glynn Purnell breaks down the kitchen door, sharing his secrets with the home cook - then invites you to stay for the after party. He guides you through an array of dazzling dishes, including Mackerel and Potato Pakora, Pork Chops with Sauerkraut and Chocolate and Passion fruit Dome - all using affordable ingredients and accessible methods - in between sharing mischievous anecdotes detailing his exploits with his fellow chefs once the kitchen doors are closed. Illustrated with stunning photography throughout, it'll ensure you never look at a cucumber in the same way again.

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